Rata Wheels

It is one of the best Mexican skateboarding wheels company for professional use. Our history begins in 2013 intending to create a product of high durability, stability, and a completely different concept from all those on the market.

We are proud to present a high-quality product, created with an exclusive mold and a high-tech formula. The Rata Wheels rims are endorsed by a team of 28 skaters from different States of the Mexican Republic and displayed in the most recent video of the company “Rata Wheels All Terrain” which was filmed in Mexico, China, and the United States.

Currently, we offer more than 70 models, sizes, and colors, we also have exclusive Pro Models from our skaters. All Rata Wheels products are available in the best Skate shops in Mexico and of course online at Malinche Distribución.

Rata Wheels

Family  Rata Wheels:

Roberto Ashley  –  Emilio Fernández  –  Dila Sandoval  –  Julio Román  –  keith González  –  Luis Molina    – Genaro Lujan  –  Mayor Tom  –  Grn  –  Ivan Rivera  –  Ricardo Revuelta  – Genaro Alexander  – Roberto Bueno  –  Christian Nuñez   –  Emmanuel Vásquez   –   Carlos Wong  – Cristhian Dimas  –  Ivan Franco  –  Emiliano Torres

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Behind the Rata Wheels