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Tricolor Skateboards since 1999

Tricolor Skateboards was born in 1999 in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico. The inspiration to create Tricolor Skateboards from the beginning was the desire to skate and hang out with friends, and also to create a brand with an identity of Mexico. Very little had been done here in Mexico in regards to Skateboarding at the national level, as such Skateboarding belonged to other countries.

Mexican skateboards

Nobody imagined that there could be a Mexican brand of Skateboards, much less an entire industry around this sport, today nobody questions it.

The road has been difficult, we have overcome the challenges with persistence, courage, and fearlessness to stay on course. The values ​​that persist and are reflected in Tricolor Skateboards are hard work, friendship, family, and loyalty.

Currently, Tricolor Skateboards is one of the most relevant companies in Mexican Skateboarding and also as one of the first. Made up of a valuable group of people who share the vision and values ​​of the company, also including the talented skaters who day in and day out demonstrate the desire and drive that characterizes Mexicans

Skate for fun

Our boards are built from the best Canadian maple, the molds and the different shapes are manufactured exclusively for our brand, offering a product of the best quality in raw materials and technology. You can find Tricolor Skateboards in the best Skate shops in Mexico, as well as online in Malinche Distribución.

We can see success for Mexican Skateboarding soon, we are sure that in very near times we will be taking the great international leap and Tricolor Skateboards will be there to witness it, always working as a team and Skating for Fun!



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